What weight and what requirements do you need as a model?

In fashion shows, online stores and lookbooks, everything is the same! International fashion around the world are all preset to certain sizes to match the model in the photo. On the catwalk, it is important that up to 20 models harmonize with each other. There are many pattern combinations in the photos and different sizes can affect the harmony, so the size of the model is an important factor.

The clothes look like the pictures, you can look forward to a show and planning the shoot is easy. This makes it easier for photographers, agencies and managers to organize.

This aspect applies to the international fashion industry:

Female: 177-180 cm; hips less than 90 cm from Paris / Milan and New York or New York Fashion Week Slim body Usually long hair.

Male: 186-190 cm Slim body to muscular models

The size of the domestic market and many promotional items differ slightly. Women and men can vary up to 2 cm. Dress size is usually 34 or 36, but it depends on the size of the woman. As a model, women should always be slim. In contrast, male models can be slim and slightly athletic. As a man, you should not make any mistakes in sports. Too much fitness and muscles will ruin your modeling career. You should always make sure that you have a muscular body, but you don’t have to be a bodybuilder. In general, athletic ability is an important requirement for models. Especially if you want to work in the industry for a longer time. If you want to change your body, you need to stay as healthy as possible.

Normally in fashion: hips 87-93cm (woman).

Haute couture: hips under 90cm (women).

Of course, there are many jobs beyond fashion and haute couture. A large part of modeling jobs are also done in the advertising department. From illustrated vintage brochures for companies to TV and YouTube ads. Everything that is important for photo models is presented here. If the your readings differ, here are suggestions for smaller and larger modeling agencies.