drei Frauen in unterschiedlichen Gewichtsklassen und Körperformen

With our BMI calculator you can quickly check if your weight is in the normal range.

Calculate your BMI online here with just a few details and find out what this value says. The Body Mass Index (BMI) puts weight and height in relation. The formula behind it relates the body weight in kilograms to the height in meters squared:

BMI formula = body weight (in kg) divided by height (in meters) squared.

For women, the body mass index is calculated using the same formula as for men. However, the lower and upper limits are set somewhat lower for women. Experts assume that adult men often have a larger muscle mass than women, and the BMI of women and men therefore differs.

Your Weight(kg):
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It is recommended that the BMI-Body Mass Index for adults over 20 years of age ranges from 18.5 to 24.9. In this range, one speaks of normal weight and an optimal BMI. The term ideal weight was frequently used. Today, experts tend to advise against this term, as it is more important to rely on your body feeling and to aim for your personal feel-good weight.

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