Become a model at 12?

As long as you’re still in school, you’ll be distracted by many other important things and won’t be able to focus on modeling yet. Try to make sure that you get good grades and that you are diligent in school. Because the more diligent you are and the better your grades are, the more freedom you will get from your school when it comes towards graduation. As a model, you will also have to travel and be on the road for a few days. During this time you can’t go to school, so it is very important that you have a good relationship with your school and your teachers.

A child model agency is different from a model agency for adults and teenagers (Teen Models). Especially important are the special legal requirements around working hours and exams. In Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf or even Munich there are good contacts for models at a young age. Especially for parents it is important to find a reputable children’s agency that you can trust.

Like other model agencies, child model agencies can also ask for representative models. First of all, it always means to manage and maintain contacts as well as certain business. Model agencies exist to find, keep and manage models in their business. Model agencies handle client management better, but agencies are as popular as models. That’s why a lot of work these days is done through websites. A mood board for upcoming meetings, emails, photos or a Polaroid for clients to get a natural impression of the model. The better the agency is positioned, the more requests you will receive on a daily basis. These requests are accepted and processed by authorized model agencies according to Booker’s specifications. They then choose the model that fits your client or job. The first objective is to set various parameters and collect information. From address to start and end times, travel arrangements, flight and hotel management, media usage and photography from different time zones, regions or countries. Ultimately, the client decides on one of the models in the agencies. Once a decision is made, a notification is sent to the model. Of course, parents are also informed in the case of bookings for children.

Quite basically, a reputable model agency should not take money. Model agencies provide the network, just as you provide your potential labor for photo shoots or advertising.

Some agencies take a small annual amount, if the reputation is right, it is of course possible. For example, if the agency works with very large clients and you can see this on the website. Pay attention to the appearance of the model agency. Take a look at the blog of the model agency and see what current jobs there are. Look at the model board and the quality of the photos, preferably compared to other agencies.

In the next step, look at Instagram, YouTube or even Facebook. Does the agency regularly post jobs, castings, activities? Also always compare several model agency sites for children, so you definitely make a right decision, because you have looked at several candidates, like a casting director.